Welcome to the Musical World of Pete and Wayne -Key West Florida
When one thinks of Key West, Florida, one tends to think of tanned sandaled feet perched atop a deck railing, watching the sunset while seagulls drop dive bombs on your head
and you not caring because that big old margarita you’ve been sipping on has put you in a whole other world. Welcome to the world of
Pete and Wayne.

Who are these worldly masters of rudity?
Just another couple of drunk musicians who gather guitars in their arms and pretend they are Jimmy Buffett?
Naw, not Pete and Wayne -- these boys are neither musicians or drunks.
They blend a Key West sense of humor with their musical talents
and create an uncanny ability to take even the most boring and yawning audience and turn them into a rowdy, drooling bunch of party freaks who gain
a whole new outlook on life and living.

Pete and Wayne are a way of life.

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2 Disc Live CD Released Jun 2004

Adult Comedy- Childish Behavior

Listen and Laugh
to the Key West Music
and Key West Comedy
of Pete and Wayne


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