Live at the Round House, Put-In-Bay

In the time honored tradition of such music greats as KISS, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton and of course winger, Pete and Wayne bring you "Double Live." Double Live you say? That's right, it just so happens that we had too much stuff for one compact disc and so, due to pressure from high powered record evecutives and world leaders, we give you two discs!

1. The Midnight Special
2. Movin' On Up
3. The Hand of God
4. Dancin' with a Man
5. My Father's Balls
6. Grandpa's Nuts
7. The Sweet Home Alabama
8. Seven-Eleven
9. My Fat Ass Bitch
10. The Bluse
11. Homosexual Chinese Monkey Hunter
12. The Irish Fightin' Drinkin' Song
13. Ain't No Pussy When She's gone
14. F**k You!!!