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When you are on Duval street in Key West and hear music and a loud, raucous crowd at world famous Sloppy Joe's, you can bet Pete and Wayne are on stage leading the party. Music and comedy from Pete and Wayne. If you can't be there right now, you can join the party here at the official website. Explore laid back Key West and the often twisted world of Pete and Wayne! Well if you can't be in Key West...At least you are here!

What fans are saying:
"You guys were so funny my cheeks hurt from laughing!!"

"Love to see you both everytime we visit Key West and make it a point to stop by at least 3 or 4 times"

"Always enjoy your show."

"you gotta stop letting your dog eat all your dope...."

"great stuff"

"your double live cd makes pats tailgate partys even more out of control!!!!"

"I saw you guys in Key West a couple of Summers ago ~ It was the highlight of my brother's bachelor party"

"Everytime to came to Key West my first stop was to stop into Sloppy Joe's to see Pete and Wayne."

"My wife's been listening to you for years on the internet and we finally got to see you live"

"Have seen you guys every year since you started coming to The Pier at OOB!!! LOVE IT!!"

"Always entertaining.  Makes ya laugh everytime.  We always make a point to see P&W every year in Key West!!"

"I saw you guys in Old Orchard Beach Maine, you guys are the NUTZ!!!!"


"Keep up the fun times!!  We loved it last week in Key West, and you were the 'frosting on the cake'."

"We saw the show in Key West and it was the highlight of our stay, fun times!"

"Can't get enough of Pete and Wayne!"

"Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome!"

"We love Pete & Wayne.  Have been going to Key West for about 5 years.  We bring our kids and they love Pete & Wayne"

"saw you guys in Key West - you rock.  best show i've seen in a long time.  come to Kansas City some day, please!!"

"You guys are the best! When are you getting your own special on Comedy Central????"

"I seen you guys for the first time labor day weekend, and you rocked. It was the best show I have ever been to."

"Saw you guys for the first time at Duffy's in Lake George, and you were fantastic.  Can't wait until you come back"

"We saw Pete and Wayne last year at Sloppy Joe's Key West.   Funny and awesome show.   Loved it."

"Caught you on the webcam at Sloppy Joes.  Great show. Hope to catch you in Portland or OOB this summer."

"A big thanks for being so hysterical and disgusting at the same time."

"I've been playing bass for 43 years. Every time I see your gig, I learn something."

"Catch your show every year when visiting Key West. Love it!"

"I have seen ya'll twice at Sloppy Joe's and love your show. Keep up the good work, if ya could call it that! LOL"


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