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Key West Gets a Break…

March 4, 1999,
By Permission From Paradise this week,
a publication of The Key West Citizen.

The Pete & Wayne Show

At Zero Duval we found Pete &Wayne, doing (in their words) a rambunctious, obnoxious, sophomoric and moronic combination of songs, comedy and frivolity. For a moment there, performing on the Ocean Key House pier at sunset, they really did seem like escapees from the University of Frivol.
But the right analogy soon came up.
These guys are Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in the Rat Pack years.  The wit, the outrageousness, the manipulation of the audience, all hark back to an act that’s easily accessible to mom and dad.
Wayne is the only bass player on town who dares to take the lead, even as his brother (yeah, right) strums with acoustic aggression.  When the ad-libbing begins, which is right away, the spirit of Vegas in the sixties is reborn.
Pete and Wayne’s repartee concerns things like small parts, getting a grip, Instant Wood (don’t ask), great duck noises and so on.
There was a time when spring break meant young ladies named Tiffany and Kissmene arriving from Thunder Bay 800,000 miles away in order to croon along with Gordon Lightfoot songs at the Hog’s Breath: "No one knows where the love of God goes, when the minutes stretch to hours…"  These days the crowd is palpably different.  Raucous laughter bursts forth from the middle aged as well as the college kids.
It’s sunset. Now Pete and Wayne’s entire audience whirls about to look at the celestial light show, everybody’s back to the stage.  As folks gaze at the passing Sebago, the two performers hit their stride. "Shine a moon!" they yell at the catamaran’s sunset passengers. "The people on the Fury did!"  That challenge does the trick and a single moon joins the setting sun.
As the wide-eyed, gaping crowd whirls around to face the stage, Pete and Wayne have an audience member at the mike. It’s Mike-from-New-Jersey’s birthday and they’ve already got him singing Happy Birthday to himself.
They also find out that Mike’s nickname back home is Nutnut, and then you realize how much work it is for these two guys to break up the musical riffs with their verbal terrorism.
Yet just like Frankie and Dino in Caesar’s Lounge, Pete & Wayne make it all seem effortless.
The boys’ modest ambition is to play the Orange Bowl, a full house with 80,000 people. When they achieve this, they intend to charge $100 a head so they can afford to use an ice machine for that grown-up smokey effect.
This is Wayne’s fifth spring break. His first experience was "over the top" he says. "This time it’s mellower."
His theory is that a lot of the kids are going to Cozomel because the drinking age in Mexico is 17…or whatever.

What's Hot - Pete and Wayne at Sloppy Joe’s

September 17, 1999
By Permission From Key West The Newspaper

By: Valerie Ridenour

Pete and Wayne are definitely warped. Parody is their game, and their imaginations are outrageous. Pete and Wayne are great musicians individually, but they are not going to play "Margaritaville" or "Brown Eyed Girl" for you. When you go to Sloppy Joe's to hear them, leave small impressionable children at home and don't take granny. I would call their show risque, but that would not be accurate. It's dirty, but it's more fun than you usually have with your clothes on. You may suffer injuries from falling out of your chair and laughing too hard.

They began with a crazed parody of Ricky Martin's hit "Living In la Vida Loca" titled "Looking To Breed in Boca", the saga of a Jewish American princess who will drain your gold cards and leave you a sniveling wreck, complete with oyeva's! They get into an Israeli folk song mode as their tribute to Roshoshanna.

Puff the Magic Dragon" sounded great with Pete's strong, fine voice, but it didn't last long. The audience immediately starts to sing along. Pete stops and informs those not singing, "You have an obligation as an American to sing this song". Pete and Wayne swing into "Bingo", complete with handclaps, during which barefoot Wayne announces they will do the Bob Marley version, "Ganja was his name". This was followed by an original, "I Like To Sing, I Like To Screw" (Just ask your mama, she'll tell you I'm the best, singing or loving, don’t matter for me). Pete introduces 'celebrities' Eric Clapton and Sting, and tells us they're going to get together and either make an album or smoke a doobie.

Then they announce that this is the opening day of the NFL season and claim, "Beautiful people, there are a lot more of us than you". Another original "Dear Penis" was dedicated to a lady "who wants me since her husband started hanging out with a guy from the 801 Club". Pete and Wayne both have great voices and sing fantastic harmony .... once in a while. They promote group drinking, complete with a limerick you can hear for yourself. Pete drones a Dylanesque song about an unfortunate customer who slipped off to the lady's room. She may never do that in public again.

They discovered a group of Italian tourists, and immediately jumped into a rowdy "Mama Mia" and "Amore". I speak just enough dirty Italian to be suspicious of those lyrics. They begin a "Green Beret" sound and launch into "Fighting Sisters From the Sky", the story of the 103rd Flying Nun Division, recalling the horrors of parochial school.

Wayne does an Irish accent that is too much. They have a puppet for this one and the next, which is a take off on Fiddler On the Roof. Then it's on to "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Gate" A gorgeous girl dropped some dollars into the tip jar, prompting Wayne to claim in accent, “I did not have sex with that Woman.

I stayed on for a song they claim Shel Silverstein told them he wrote for them, “Cover of the Rolling Stone,” which was the closest thing to a recognizable tune they did. I decided to get out while I could still move and giggled all the to the car, which got me some strange looks. If you need a fun fix, go see Pete and Wayne.

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